There has been a constant rise in commercial office space for rent purchases, as many investors have ventured into many business portfolios. For many entrepreneurs, purchasing a residential property tends to be an easy task, as most of them know what it entails. Nevertheless, the commercial property industry tends to be more challenging than the residential property industry, forcing investors to run away from buying commercial property.

Before purchasing a commercial property for sale, an investor has to do some homework before signing the dotted line. Below are things an investor should consider before investing in a commercial property project.

  1. Accessibility of the location
  2. Location of the suburb
  3. Population and zoning numbers
  4. Businesses surrounding the property

It is vital to know the local council zoning laws and regulations and understand the type of businesses permeated. In addition, it is also important to corporate with the local government and sees the future development plans that may affect your commercial property.

When we a sell commercial property by owner, we should always research the project’s historical performance and other similar projects before buying one. This includes researching on its yield and capital growth performance. Having a historical background of the asset gives a clear picture of the asset’s strengths, weaknesses, and asset type. It will also help to understand the current and future trends, rent rolls, tenant profile, and any other information that may help to develop a budget. 

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