A commercial leasing agreement is a process wherein the property is leased out for commercial purposes. This can include the lease of a store, an office, an industry, and other commercial buildings.The commercial lease agreement does not have a standard or required form, unlike other contracts. The party can use any form as long as the basic elements of the lease agreement is present.

Leased commercial property for saleis real estate that is used for business activities. Commercial property usually refers to buildings that house businesses, but can also refer to land used to generate a profit, as well as large residential rental properties.The designation of a property as a commercial property has implications for how it is financed, how it is taxed, and how the laws are applied to it.

Commercial property includes malls, grocery stores, offices, industrial estates, manufacturing shops and more. The performance of commercial property—including sales prices, new building rates, and occupancy rates—is often used as a measure for business activity in a given region or economy. For example, the RCA Commercial Property Price Indices measure the price changes in commercial real estate across the United States.

Business space for sale help investors can also utilize the triple net lease, whereby expenses such as real estate taxes, building insurance and maintenance are borne by the company leasing the premises. This advantage is not available to residential real estate investors.

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